In this series, we’ll learn Python programming together from scratch through solving simple real-life problems. We’ll start from the very basics of the language and go through to cover most of the important concepts.

While doing so, we are learning to program in general since these concepts are applied to…

Lists are used to store and manage collections of data. Let’s explore this important topic while solving a little problem.

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We’ll learn this topic while solving a little problem, also the problem will cover other previous topics like loops to practice them more.

Our problem for this tutorial is to calculate the average and maximum temperature in a certain week. We have the daily temperature measurements of a week. …

In this article, we’ll discuss the for-loop a very important structure in Python, we’ll see how and when to use it. We’ll also learn about nested loops.

For this tutorial we have a small problem to solve, we want to ask our app user to choose a password but it must be more than 8 characters so if it was less than 8 we’ll ask him to enter it again. …

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about loops in Python. We’ll see the “while-loop” and how to use it to solve our problem…

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For this tutorial, we have a simple problem to solve. We need to calculate the price of items purchased in a certain marketplace or store.

The user of our app keeps entering the price of items purchased and their quantity and when he is done we display the total price…

Sari Lakkis

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering | Entrepreneur | Wisdom Seeker.

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